"The best time to buy your house is today"

- José Francisco Sánchez



First of all I definitely love what I do, I support all people to "WIN", in some cases they win by selecting a home, not a house, there is a big difference. Secondly, they earn by investing and seeing their properties value several thousand dollars, that gives me great satisfaction when they can see the positive results of teamwork, both with them and with the support of the great organization that which I proudly belong, founded more than 45 years ago.

I have worked in Commercial and Residential Real Estate for over 20 years. I studied and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. You will wonder and what is that for in Real Estate? Well, yes, it has helped me a lot, when I see a property, whether residential or commercial, I can see and analyze its potential and how it can be transformed by adapting it to the particular needs of each client and each scenario. As well as the fact of mastering two languages ​​(Spanish and English).

My profession goes beyond the simple act of generating money, it is a passion for going beyond what is necessary, my goal is always excellence in my service. That's why I tell my clients, you can express your appreciation by telling your friends about the deal and the results you got from your trading experience. What has not been to their liking, they tell me so that I can continue to improve.

I am not happy with the result if my clients are not!